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During the last 40 years, PETA has reached exciting milestones and celebrated groundbreaking victories for animals, thanks to the support of our members. Without the help of each and every one of them, none of our work for animals would be possible.

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"go peta!! "

by ryan
03/01/2021 10:48:25 PM

"I love that I can put my love into action in specific ways. I helped get houses for outdoor dogs in bad weather, and participated in a protest of the Alaskan Iditarod for what it does: dogs-living tied up then the sometimes death from the race. "

by Sarah
02/07/2021 04:34:45 PM

"PETA means everything to me because animals mean everything to me. Even as a child I felt sympathy for animals and despair when I became aware of their suffering. Over the decades my appreciation and love has never wavered. "

by Holly
02/01/2021 04:45:59 PM

"Unlike other animal rights organizations, PETA cares about ALL animals and that is why PETA is so important to me. Any animal--from the mightiest to the meekest and from the strongest to the weakest-- needs a voice and for them PETA is that voice! "

by Richard
01/27/2021 10:27:54 PM

"My concern for mice and rats is what first drew me to PETA, as it was the only animal rights organization I could find that was addressing the issues of glue traps and vivisection. Thank you, PETA, for all that you do on behalf of "the little ones" "

by Janice
01/27/2021 10:06:19 PM